Your One Stop Industrial Air Compressor Component Shop

Hello, we're DFLIDA Compressed Air Systems.

Our goal is Your One Stop Industrial Air Compressor Component Shop. DFLIDA/CAS is Sino-USA Company with manufacturing facilities located in Dafeng, China. We are small enough to remain agile and responsive, and large enough to supply any and all of you needs. We offer a complete line of products that are proven and tested in the field. If we don't have the item you need, our team is ready to help you develop, design and manufacture custom tailored products fit to your needs.

We manufacture the following high quality parts:
  • Reciprocating Compressor Pumps
  • Air/Oil Coolers
  • Belt Guards
  • Compressor Assembly Components
  • Pulleys, Belts and Gauges
  • Rotary Screw Enclosures
China Factory

DFLIDA is ready to work with you to design, build or supply the best solution for your application that is cost-effective, reliable and dependable.